By increasing our self-awareness and uncovering the potential for increased choice and flexibility in life, we are able to break our old patterns and learn to appreciate and value ourselves.

I have always been interested in the potential of us humans when all of our needs are met. If we have not had our needs met, we develop gnarled ways of being in the world, with ourselves and with others.

Counselling provides a boundaried and safe space that allows you to explore your feelings. When we understand ourselves, we are more able to understand why we respond the way we do and therefore feel able to be more genuine and make the right choices for ourselves and our loved ones.

Life can be challenging to navigate, and for many of us who have had hindrances along the way. Life can feel distressing and we will find coping mechanisms. Some of these can cause further distress.

Therapy offers the opportunity to explore how you can best support yourself and become better supported by those around you.

I have experience and training in various approaches such as CBT (looking at your narrative and behaviour) and Psychosynthesis (which can be helpful in understanding the different parts of us). These are particularly helpful approaches if someone is struggling to understand why they act the way they do, especially if their behaviour is self-destructive or parts of themselves are in conflict.

I truly believe that counselling provides an opportunity to progress towards a more connected and fruitful way of living life. A good, strong therapeutic relationship is vital to the counselling process. 

I can offer you a supportive space and, by looking at our unconscious thoughts and behaviour, we can gradually develop insight and stop repeating the things that hold us back.

I have found that through psychotherapy, clients become more aware of themselves and their behaviour and are able to take more control of what happens in their lives. I understand how trauma affects us and brings about distressing coping mechanisms.

Issues I have experience of working with:

Body Dysmorphia. 
Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Eating Disorders.
Family Tensions.
Personality Disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotional Dysregulation.
Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Post Natal Issues.
Self Harm.
Sexual Assault.
Sexual Abuse.
Sleep Issues and Night waking.
Suicidal Ideation.
Trust & Jealousy Issues.
Sex Addiction.
Attachment Issues.
Birth Trauma. 
Panic Attacks.
Psychosomatic Issues (body pain) M.E C.F.S and Fibromyalgia (Specialist Area)